Sunday, May 24, 2009

Websphere Application Server CE Support For RAD

Installing the WASCE WTP Server Adapter using the file Installing in Eclipse Europa

1. Visit the welcome page from the Eclipse Update Site for IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (http:// 2. Find the package and click the linkage to download it. 3. Make sure Eclipse is not running. 4. Extract this package to your Eclipse directory. 5. Use the Eclipse -clean option after installing the WTP server adapter.

copy as root to the /opt/IBM/SDP directory using type : cd plugins type : cp -r * /opt/IBM/SDP/plugins/ type : cd .. type : cd features type : cp -r * /opt/IBM/SDP/features/

NOTE : There should be no ommission of file error.

then use ./eclipse -clean to rerun RAD

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