Sunday, May 24, 2009

DB2 Install on OpenSUSE

To install db2 : go to install software. (Start - > application - > system - > configuration -> install software.)

Put the opensuse dvd in drive and then search for libstdc++ . check libstdc++33 and click accept. it will install from cd in a sec.

then open Konsole (start -> applications) type in : su it will ask for password give it (123 if you created gennext as i told you) now keep the konsole running . Copy the db2 for linux tar file to your home directory (start -> computer -> home) now click on it to open with ark. extract its contents in home.

Now come back to the terminal .

Type : cd expc Type : ./db2setup and then the setup installer GUI will appear. and db2 will install fine.

Configuration Options for db2 :

DAS user : db2admin password : password do not change group or anything else. DB2 Instance Owner : User: work passowrd: 123 Default setting for fenced user. just type in password as 123.

FINISH log into work and then Now on konsole type db2start to start db2 and then db2cc to have the GUI front end like mysql query browser

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