Sunday, May 24, 2009


OPENSUSE install

Prerequisite Create a 15 - 20 GB unallocated partition through windows disk management or any partition manager of your choice,


Installation is pretty straight forward. I prefer to use KDE 4.1 desktop environment. HARDDISK CONFIG : I went for expert config and suggest that you should. You will not see the unallocated space you created there. but dont worry it is usable. click add and create a 600 MB ext 3 partition with mount point /boot. Next Create a 2 GB swap partition and the remaining an ext3 with mount point "/". If you want to access the windows files via opensuse select each of your windows partition and select edit. Next confirm that it says "DO NOT FORMAT" and set its mount point to / mnt/drive_C. the mount point will change as the number of drives are increased. BOOTLOADER CONFIG : when you finish giving all your inputs it displays an anallysis of taks. Select bootloader. switch to bootloader config there. select only 2 options. 1. install bootloader to boot partition 2. install bootloader to MBR

You are done......

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