Friday, October 3, 2008

Packer & Extractor

These are tools written in c.Packer can be used to tail multiple files to a windows executable. The files are simply appended to the exe and new executable is created. Usage : pack (desired_exe) (file_1) (file_2)... (desired_exe)- It is the name of the requested file with .exe extension which is to be generated . (file_x) specifies the different files that are to be tailed along with the exe. Eg pack theone.exe load.exe theone.sys This would replicate the extractor.exe and rename it to theone.exe and tail it with load.exe and theone.sys. NOTE: 1) The load.exe and extract.exe should be in the same folder. 2) The exe thus created when executed will try to run a tailed exe if any. ie with above example the new generated theone.exe when executed will : a) extract the tailed files b) execute the load.exe and pass any command line arguments that were given to itself. so we would like to call: c:\>theone.exe theone.sys Now since my driver is only for windows xp uses a sysfile that gives output using DbgPrint, so use the link to download DbgView To view all processes(inclusive of hidden) in your WinDbg Console.
Screenshots :
download: Executables (contains Packer & Extracter with sample Theone.exe) Source Code (Source for Packer & Extractor)


This is a tool I wrote in c. It can be used to load a driver(sys file) and start the driver. Eg load xyz.sys this loads the sysfile and starts the service with the name THEONE. after that it stops the service automatically. It can also be used with -r attribute to remove a named service. Eg load -r THEONE this will remove the named service viz THEONE. An Exe With The Source Code Can Be Found here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


check this report on the all famous windows vista .

NEWS: All About Blue Pill Malware

This has caused headaches for microsoft and here it is : ...u might wanna what is a rootkit - overview....

Windows OS

My personal Favourite : The Windows XP x64 ..... it is very secure and old look and feel of xp makes it best of the best...... I would rate vista x64 ultimate edition 2nd to it.... The looks of vista are fancy perhaps more of waste of resources i'd say.... but ya if u really want the vista look go for 64 bit ultimate edition only..... The major advantage of 64 bit windows OS is not only its high speed but of the fact you are safe from malicious device drivers.... The drivers need to be signed then only they are installed.... I'd like to add that i m not going into details of vista's false security claim coz it is a universal fact now....

Unetbootin Is Awesome

Unetbootin is the tool that can install near about any distro of linux through usb. I installed Ubuntu it took me 4 mins to complete it. Ultimate Edition in 7 mins. It can really be handy.. it saves a hell lota time. freely available at .

Currently Downloading Another Distro of Linux

am currently downloading slax and will use it with my usb. will write about it soon..

How does cross platform software work

Just wondering how does all the cross platform softwares work.... I dont think all them use java... how do they do it??? do they have the same thing built for different platforms.... Will have to digg into it..

Linux Distro : Ultimate Edition

The best Distro that i have seen till date is Ultimate Edition (UE). UE looks sharp. it has emerald window manager that can make it look like vista and even better...
easy to install.. detects ntfs partitions automatically... very stable as it is based on ubuntu......
it is also bundled with a whole load of s/w . it has support for mp3 playback nd no codec required, it is good for all kinds of users:
i) Multimedia : it has a variety of audio and video players.... like amarok and vlc
ii) Developers : it comes with IDEs for all sorts of languages.
iii) Graphics : uncountable graphic / image editors..
iv) Home Users: its great and user friendly look makes it appealing for all users to be able to operate it without much hassle.
v) Gamers : It comes with a gamers edition that contains linux based games for all hardcore gamers.
It comes with Gnome, XFCE , Enlightment Desktop environments. It also has great archiving and iso makers / burners all bundled along it....
So for all with limited download/upload, here's the distro u'd want.

Linux Distro : Mandriva

Often people look for a distro that is a replacement for windows.... you've got one... Mandriva has a smooth look (not as fancy as vista). It also easily manages ur partitions and plug n play devices.
wine didnt work as well here.... Got the 3d engine working though through compiz.

Linux Distro Ubuntu

Near about the most stable distro of linux that I have used is Ubuntu. It is the best for beginners coz it has a huge community where u find any and everything. It has wide ranged hardware support worked well on my quad core Q6600 . But u know its not the fastest of all. It easily mounted all my windows ntfs partitions in it. the 3d graphics worked well under compiz. Used wine to run win exe. worked like magic. But only some exe's work under it. Then there was an urge to shift to KDE. I liked it.... Though KDE4.0 is released .. i would not recommend to use it coz its very buggy at the moment... But the one with with KDE3.6 is stable nd a good distro but not the best as yet.