Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How does cross platform software work

Just wondering how does all the cross platform softwares work.... I dont think all them use java... how do they do it??? do they have the same thing built for different platforms.... Will have to digg into it..

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Gunnu said...

do you mean software that would run on windows, linux, sun etc? Or do you mean software that run acroos just all flavors of windows?

well generally the concept is that all of them use a virtual machine which runs thir s/w. So the program that your write get compiled into a intermediary code that can run in that virtual machine environment. It is the responsibility of that virtual machine to 'make it happen' on that particular 'platform'. Yes, the virtual machine for each platform is different and is supplied by the vendor, this is very helpful to the developers....and dont be surprised if you find discrepancies in the way these virtual machines behave on different envs....after all they are different ;)