Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Linux Distro : Ultimate Edition

The best Distro that i have seen till date is Ultimate Edition (UE). UE looks sharp. it has emerald window manager that can make it look like vista and even better...
easy to install.. detects ntfs partitions automatically... very stable as it is based on ubuntu......
it is also bundled with a whole load of s/w . it has support for mp3 playback nd no codec required, it is good for all kinds of users:
i) Multimedia : it has a variety of audio and video players.... like amarok and vlc
ii) Developers : it comes with IDEs for all sorts of languages.
iii) Graphics : uncountable graphic / image editors..
iv) Home Users: its great and user friendly look makes it appealing for all users to be able to operate it without much hassle.
v) Gamers : It comes with a gamers edition that contains linux based games for all hardcore gamers.
It comes with Gnome, XFCE , Enlightment Desktop environments. It also has great archiving and iso makers / burners all bundled along it....
So for all with limited download/upload, here's the distro u'd want.

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MunnaBahi said...

wow...thats good news!!!! Thanks Milind for posting this.